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welcome to my website!!

I'm Cin (they/them). I'm an energy-fuelled Node/TypeScript developer, ASM and UNIX witch and CTF nerd. I study @ Epitech Paris & CTF for CVE2K9
I also love all kinds of music, and enjoy DJing and Producing Music!

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## about

— code and software available on github
— currently spending most of my time reverse engineering the Wii at WiiLink.
spotify verified artist, VRDJ, heavily into underground music (yabujin w)
— mostly enjoying C, Typescript, and Rust, I focus on web offensive security
— personal site available here - retro interweb traveler

main pcs and peripherals, software
homelab specs

~ current projects

— CTF @ CVE2k9, reverse engineering @ WiiLink24

— team lead @ Miruku, web design @ Vignette
dognix, a linux distribution built from the LFS manuals.
furryhook, a versatile CS:GO cheat suite.

~ contact me (social presence)

~ social & instant messaging
~ code and software
~ games/other

please avoid contacting me if you run into issues with my software, I get a lot of messages and it's hard to keep track of it, so use github instead.